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Wheel Polishing Services

Wheel Polishing Services

We have recently upgraded our wheel-service business with the installation of a pair of automated wheel-polishing machines for aluminum wheels from Vehicle Inspection Systems Inc. (VIS). We've installed the VIS Polish machines at our Forest Park, Ga., plant and anticipate adding one more soon.

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The system can handle a range of standard wheel sizes — 19.5-, 22.5- and 24.5-inch rim diameters — as well as super singles and wide-base steers, both with the tire mounted or just the wheel itself.


The polishing process takes about 30 to 60 minutes per wheel in an enclosed cabinet, reducing worker exposure to noise and chemicals.

The system also includes a bead-cleaning cycle, which can improve tire-to-rim bead seating.

VIS promotes the automated wheel-polishing system both for its aesthetics and its contribution to safety. The Orlando, Fla.-based company notes that polishing aluminum wheels can reveal hidden damage, such as cracks between the bolt holes, that can be detrimental to the safety of wheel rims. VIS describes itself as a leader in brake and undercarriage inspection and wheel/rim safety in the trucking and transportation industry.