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Tire Repair/Flat Repair
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Tire Repair/Flat Repair

Tire Repair Procedures

Only specifically trained personnel using the proper tools and procedures should repair tires.

Atlanta Commercial Tire follows ten steps, the basic principles for puncture repair. This list contains some important components of the ten steps.

External Inspection – Prior to demounting use a soap solution to find the source of the leak. Mark the area where the damage occurred and deflate the tire. Remove the tire from the wheel to identify the source of the tire injury. With the tire removed, begin inspection for previous tire repairs, permanent damage due to running the tire without proper inflation, or damage to ply cords from the puncture.

Internal Inspection – Using a tire spreader remove the object and determine the angle of penetration. Injuries that exceed an angle of 25 degrees will require additional probing to determine the damage to the internal ply cord. The internal inspection may reveal a tire that has been overloaded, damage found could result in the tire being scrapped. There are other reasons for scrapping tires. There may be broken or separated belts, less than 2/32 (mm) tread depth, liner separations too large for repair, run flat conditions, or soft mushy rubber on inside shoulder.

Prepare Surface – The injury should be cleaned with certified chemicals and hand tools that serve to remove dirt and mold lubricants that contaminate the area. The tire innerliner should be prepped to develop a smooth surface that increases the adhesion of patching materials.

Buffing – A low speed buffer is used to prepare the texture to the area where the injury occurred. Each tire manufacturer has recommendations that increase the adhesion of the patch. The buffing area should be restricted to a small portion of the inner liner where the injury occurred.

Application – Atlanta Commercial Tire can repair a large selection of different Tire Applications. When considering the repair material, the original equipment should be considered. Automotive tire, Light truck tire, Commercial tire, Agriculture tire and other Off-Road tires may require different techniques and skill levels. Choosing the best repair material and cement vary upon Tire application.

Atlanta Commercial Tire instructs our tire techs using guidelines produced by the U.S. Tire Manufacturers and by the Tire Industry Association. We take these steps and others to avoid tire failure after repair. Improperly repaired tires can cause serious personal injury or death.

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