We’ve grown to eleven locations throughout Georgia since we first began in 1971.

Today, with 50 + years of experience in the Commercial Tire Trucking Industry we are grateful for our staff of employees and our partnerships that make us a leader in the Tire business. As an Independent tire dealer and a fierce competitor, we offer customers a wide selection of tire brands.

Why work for Atlanta Commercial Tire?

As a forward-thinking company, we look to our future employees to help us meet our goals. As a family-owned company, we look to our past to remember all the previous employees that have made us successful.

Positions at Atlanta Commercial Tire


  • Familiar with Heavy Duty Commercial Trucks with articulating cranes or tire handlers.
  • Knowledge of One-Piece Rims, Three-Piece Rims, and Five-Piece Rims.
  • Experience with customer-dispatched calls to construction sites, quarries, and other locations.


  • Familiar with Personal Protection Equipment like safety glasses, steel-toe boots, and sturdy uniforms.
  • Experienced with proper vehicle lifting and raising techniques using hydraulic jacks.
  • Can respond to customer vehicles to repair and install commercial trucking, light truck, and automotive tires.


  • Experienced with electronic equipment to inspect used tires or casings.
  • Certifications with Bandag equipment on Buffing, Building, and Repair.
  • Available to get to work for an early morning schedule.


  • Must have excellent communication skills with customers and staff.
  • Ensure every vehicle is inspected for needed services and appropriate recommendations are provided to customers and service techs.
  • Oversee and audit recommended repairs to ensure service techs have completed the job to customer satisfaction.
  • Facilitates clear and consistent communication between the shop and customers.
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